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Spectrum Quality Products
Advance Scientific & Chemical is an authorized distributor of Spectrum Brand Chemicals and Supplies.
LabChem Inc.
Now Available thru Advance: A Full Line of LabChem Custom Solutions!

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With our network of manufacturers, we can often drop-ship products directly from the closest stocking locations near you!
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From 25 Kg Containers and 55 Gallon Drums, Up to Truck Loads. Call Us NOW for your Production Requirements
Laboratory & Bulk Chemical Suppliers & Distributors


Laboratory and Industrial Chemicals, USP / Food Grade Chemicals, Reagents, Bulk Chemicals, Nutritional Ingredients, Acids, Solvents, Dyes, Standard Solutions and much more...

Lab Supplies

Glassware, Beakers, Flasks, pH meters, Hydrometers, Bunsen Burners, Thermometers, Refractometers, Pipets, Burets, Test Tubes and much more...

Lab Equipment

Furnances, Ovens, Refrigerators / Freezers, Fume Hoods, Shakers, Hotplates and Stirrers, Balances and Scales, Centrifuge, Microscopes and much more...

Lab Safety

A Full Line of Industry Leading Lab Safety Products. Apparel, Gloves, Hand Protection, Chemical Storage, Respirators, Eye Protection and Goggles, Chemical Handling Equipment and much more...